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Rippernik’s Follow Forever 2012; These blogs have made Tumblr an extremely enjoyable place this past year :). Even if you’re not on this list, that doesn’t mean you aren’t flawless! I love all of the people I follow, otherwise I wouldn’t follow you!

A, B, C: afewplumsshortofafruitpie; alicexz; asongofwaterearthfireandair; bericdondarrion; burningthesouffles; catmans; coldplaymania

D, F, H:derediths; diagondaley; doreahology; drunkzutarafeels; fire-lordzuzu; fuckyeaassassinscreed; fyeahweskerxchris; halflings;

I, J, L: i-move-the-stars-for-no-one; iamkissedbyfire; iansmolderholic; jonsnowthestark; ladykazza; lestrads

M, P, R: mancerayder; meerareed; mysticonfessions; planets-bend-between-us; probender; psychosurreal; rekkka; robbstark; rubyredwisp

S, T: songsofwolves; stannisbaratheon; thefoggylight; theongreyjoy; theonnojoy

If I forgot anyone, please check out my blogroll! Have a very Merry Christmas!!

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